Finish Quality

Our finishing products are superior quality polyurethane, graded 11 out of 13. Made in Italy by ICLA and distributed by the world-reknowned Akzo Nobel.

3 Reasons to Choose KWIZINE Quality Finish

  1. Our unique finish is made right here in Quebec.
  2. All hardware sold with our cupboard units is high-end and guaranteed for life.
  3. Our units are built with higher quality that what is sold in any large surface store. The bottoms and backs of all our drawers are 5/8-inch thick compared to products in large surface stores or at the Swedish manufacturers, which offer material between ¼ and ½, inch thick.

Did you know that…

According to the AWS scale (Architectural Woodwork Standards) that goes from 1 to 13 (1 being low-end and 13 being the quality used in pianos or aeronautics), our products are rated 11. To give you an idea of how that compares to others, consider the quality of products sold in large surface stores, at many kitchen-retail stores or at the well-known Swedish manufacturer – their products all have a quality rating under 6.
To get the kind of quality that meets our rigorous standards, we only use topnotch, high technology equipment.

Polyurethane: much better than lacquer or varnish!
1 It is resistant to chemical products such as thinners or acetone.
2 It does not crack, chip or peel from blows to the surface.
3 It is versatile and highly resistant.