• International design
  • Quebec manufacturing
  • Best quality price report

No worries • No surprises • No stress • No surplus !

Finally, a 100 % pre-assembled kitchen

Our pre-assembled units are quick and easy to install. Say goodbye to specialists, ordering mistakes and complicated plans! The days of waiting in line at department stores are over; you won’t need a clerk to assist you or to take down your details. We have thought of everything…especially to help you save time and money!

A budget for your projects calculated in linear feet

Calculate in linear feet. It’s a quick and easy way to obtain a good estimate of costs. See our guide


At Kwizine, low prices don’t mean low quality. We work with the best manufacturers to offer you more than what you could get in big-box stores. It’s a competitive market – and we’ve got what it takes.

Cabinet frames built according to your measurements

We will build your cabinet units according to your plans and measurements, with the materials you choose. That way you can maximize the space at your disposal. No need to be restricted by limited colour choices or styles, or by ill-fitting materials that aren’t the right size for your renovations. Now you can pick and choose from a huge range of options to fit perfectly with your measurements!

Peace of mind…guaranteed!

Well planned kitchens, built to last – that’s a promise, thanks to a 5-year guarantee on all of our products.

Our qualified delivery people make sure your new kitchen arrives as scheduled and in perfect condition. Transportation costs vary according to the city or region.